Frequently asked questions


Check out this page for any questions you might have if you want to book an Equine session with us! 

         How are you different then other Equine Photographers? 


I have been photographing horses since 2008, and riding them since I was 9. I have a strong background in both Dressage and Hunter/Jumpers. I believe having this background can offer you lasting images as I am able to pass my horse experience into my images. 

I also come from a fine art background; I am able to utilize both my education in photography and graphic design!

Custom designed wall layouts are available as an option for your online gallery. I can provide room inspiration or even design a layout in your space using design software. 

I am a local Maryland resident as well and I am able to book sessions during the week and weekends throughout the year. So you don't need to fill worried about trying to find a date, I am very flexible!

       What type of session should I pick?


What type of keepsake images are you looking to capture? We offer both Bond Sessions (horse and rider) and Barn Door (black background) Sessions. Often we can combine a combination of both sessions! 

       My farm isn't pretty, what do I do?


Don't worry if you think your farm isn't pretty, I can typically make any location look great! Having an eye for the best

lighting is everything! Another reason to hire a professional! 

        What time will our session start?


I typically book my sessions toward late afternoon or right before sunset,I can typically accommodate based around what works for you and your horse! 

        What should I wear?


That is where we come in! We are here to offer lots of inspiration and outfit guidance. I will send you a pinterest link once we book your session date. Outfits are based on seasons, color of your horse, and your style! If you choose one of my floral garlands I suggest a nice flowy dress, I can message you the color garlands I have or we can design one just for you!

       What else should I do to prepare?


Often my clients will have their hair and makeup done the day of the session. If you are getting your makeup done, keep it simple and natural. 

Make sure your horse is bathed either the day before or the day of your session, or just a really good grooming! Have a clean leather halter and or bridle ready for the day of your session. Some of my clients will trim whiskers, but that is optional. I recommend cleaned and or oiled hooves. I have had some clients also braid their horses; dressage braids, hunter braids, or banding can look very classic for your session. (this can also be gorgeous for a Barn Door Session!)

It's also great if you can have a friend or an assistant that day, they can help with holding horses and outfits. ;-) Remember this session is all about your and your best buddy, and its my job to make you both look amazing! So relax and have fun, I promise we will have a blast! 

Can't wait to meet you and your horse!